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"It all starts with the way you see the future, so make sure it's bright!"

Dario Montoya
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The Inspiration
Behind My 
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I was already set on a profession in finance, but after viewing a TV show with a financial planner, I was determined. Even before then, I had a commercial advantage that helped me grow my career. After hearing a guy lecture the audience about not being in debt, living within one's means, and making wise investments, I knew I wanted to be a financial planner. I knew I wanted a job in this field. I sought to guide customers in all of their financial goals, not just their day-to-day bank decisions. After discovering I couldn't serve consumers at the bank to the best of my skills, I resigned and became a consultant. This would let me provide clients fair advise and not restrict them. As a result, I resigned from my job. I left the bank in 2017 to start my own firm. I chose to put my faith in something and asked for God's blessing. Never regret my choice. I love helping anybody who needs guidance. I've helped hundreds of individuals achieve lucrative and sustainable growth, and their feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. You may trust that I'll repeat my past results for you.

My Story

Much of what we know about earning, spending, and saving money came from our parents. I learnt from their examples, good and bad, of how to handle wealth. I come from a background of hard workers and have always felt at home in finances. When I was only 15 years old, I asked my parents for my first job, and they let me keep the books for the family business. Since my first day at my family's business, I've been thrilled to know I'm helping it expand by ensuring a profitable return.

My parents taught me early the worth of a dollar and the importance of credit. I spent years in the family business before entering banking. At 18, I started working at Bank of America, one of the country's largest banks. I worked hard and was promoted numerous times, but I've never been driven by money; I was motivated by knowledge. My determination to developing my career at the bank and collecting as much information as I could on the topic opened many doors for me, allowing me to become the most effective financial planner for all of my consumer and business clients.

Financial Programs

In order to determine where you are, where you need to go, and how I can get you there, I teamed up with a wide range of services specialized to your financial demands and needs.

Smart Credit

ITIN Credit Report

Gravity Lending

Rent Reporters

Smart Credit can help you track, build, and boost your credit score.  Good credit is the key to lowering interest rates and securing the lending you need in the future, and I want to make it as easy as possible to see and manage your credit score.

Don't have a social? I can help you find your credit score report using your ITIN! Let me show you the endless possibilities that will open up to you once you learn how track, build, and maximize your credit score.

Gravity Lending makes it easy for you to lower your existing car payment and acquire a lower interest rate. Let me help you save some money each month.

Online Monitoring
White Cars
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Build your credit by reporting your rent! Let me help you build and improve your credit so you can jumpstart your financial future. (#RentWellSpent)


"I came into this very skeptical because my husband & I had been trying to purchase a home for a few years with a lot of obstacles & road blocks from other financial consultants, due to credit issues. However, from the first communication with Dario, he helped set us up on the right track! He is very reliable, knowledgeable, friendly AND you can tell he genuinely cares about helping his clients! He also goes above and beyond to make sure he can accommodate to your schedule, which we greatly appreciated! Within about 3 months we were ready to start the process of searching for our first home! He was there throughout the whole process as well as to answer questions and concerns. He also set us up with a great realtor, Omar, as well and we were able to close on our first home! 

They both made this experience so positive & we know that if we ever need any further financial assistance or have any further questions, they will be there for us! Would HIGHLY recommend to anyone!"

Cristina Arteaga

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Credit Building Products at the tip of your fingers start your path to success! 

Many of my customers have achieved their financial objectives using these dependable solutions to build credit. Apply and begin your path to success, or give me a call so I can design a financial plan for you.

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